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Vulvodynia: From GP to Gynae to Physio. Why acupuncture might be the best thing you ever tried.

Updated: Apr 7

Often women with vulvodynia come into my clinic after visiting numerous clinics, doctors, gynaecologists, physio's and dermatologists.

They've tried canesten, amytriptiline, nortriptyline, lidocaine etc. They thought it was thrush, but canesten made things worse or did nothing to help.

After reviewing online vulvodynia and vaninismus forums and trying multiple arrpoaches they come and see me.

Fifteen years ago, when I first started treating vulvodynia, I had no idea what it was. I had to ask my patient what it was. She cried and told me her story how her gynaecologist told her to take the medication and that it was all in her head. Luckily I don't hear hat kind of story anymore.

Since that patient fifteen years ago I have seen over one hundred women for vulvodynia and vaginismus. I'd say it's the lasy year that I could say I can treat it very well. It really took that long to work out! That is because there are so many aspects to the pain - local swelling, irritation, mental stress, blood supply etc. All physical and mental points of discomfort must be taken into account to treat it effectively and permamnently.

So what do i do?

Acupuncture. We use acupuncture points around the shoulders hands and arms. Never anywhere near the genitals. We leave the needles in for 30-45 minutes and let you relax. That's it. No homework, no diet changes, we do all the work.

Can I do acupuncture while on medication?

Yes, absolutely. In fact probably 80% of our patients are on some type of medication.

Do I need to take off any clothing?

Generally no, however, we may nee to get to your legs, so we recommend wearing loose fitting clothing to your appointment so you are comfortable.

Does it hurt?

Generally not at all. We use super fine, single-use, disposable needles which are sterile and diposed after the treatment. But generally, patients don't feel any pain and many fall asleep during the treatment.

How often do I need to come?

Once a week for 5-8 weeks will generally get pain down by 50%-80%, and then after that, it's up to you if you want to keep coming in. If you want to reach 95%-100% pain reduction, it might take another 8-10 sessions.

Can I go back to work that day?

Yes, totally. You will not be incapacitated in any way. Although, some patients like to take the day off to let everything settle and work in other appointments that day as we can get quite busy and sometimes the only available appointement may be in the middle of the day. in that case, we can offer you a 'sick note' for your employer.

Can I get a rebate?

Yes absolutely. We offer private healcare rebates to all major health funds.

How do I book in?

We are in two locations. Fitzroy North (Tu,We,Th) and Romesey (M, Fr). You can book here on the booking tab.

I hope to meet you soon to help you relieve your discomfort as I'm so confitent in acupuncture and it's ability to modulate pain and heal the body.

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